All the tools we need to make today as productive as possible are at our disposal under the Pisces Sun sextile Saturn in rulership Capricorn at 1:11 AM CST. A sextile occurs when celestial bodies are 60˚ apart. It’s a positive aspect when potentials have a higher probability of becoming reality.

When a planet is in its rulership, it is currently transiting through the zodiac sign it governs. These planets and signs share properties. In this case, responsible, success-driven Saturn rules Capricorn, the disciplined, traditional sea goat. Both Saturn and Capricorn focus on long-term.

Ego-driver Sun is in dreamy Pisces, reconnecting us with our dreams and passions so we may once again feel whole. Combined with the energies of Saturn in Capricorn, we are able to draw up a plan and take steps moving us closer to accomplishing what it is we wish to do.


A difficult aspect arises at 2:45 AM when the Aries Moon squares Saturn in rulership Capricorn. In astrology, one of the toughest major aspects is the square, when celestial bodies form a right angle in the sky. Under this aspect, trouble will likely brew.

The Moon impacts our emotions and under headstrong Aries, it will be hard to resist acting on impulses – especially when it comes to conversation. It would be inappropriate to say what comes to our mind first when discussing current events, but our emotions are so strongly attached to the subject at hand that we just might despite knowing it’s not worth it. It will also be really hard to get chores and other daily responsibilities done at this time.


It’s probably best we stay home as another square occurs at 10:57 AM between the Aries Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. This isn’t a good time to discuss repressed emotions but if they’ve been bottled up long enough, this aspect will likely make them explode. Any tension in families will become apparent. Get the most out of this sign by focusing on your self and breaking bad habits at this time.


Got any business to attend to? The 11:15 PM Aries Moon trine Jupiter in rulership Sagittarius is an auspicious time for such matters. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, grants us more confidence than ever while in its rulership, meaning we are capable of making strong first impressions and moving boldly forward with our plans. Just keep it professional because, as you know, the Moon-Pluto square is not a friendly aspect and you won’t want to say something you’ll regret.


The Moon-Jupiter trine is the final aspect for the Aries Moon, which goes void of course at 11:15 PM until it arrives in Taurus at 2:11 AM. When the Moon is void of course, it has no further interactions with other celestial bodies under the sign it is currently transiting through. While the Moon takes a break of sorts, it’s best for us to relax, too. Don’t make any big decisions or start new projects because, without the Moon’s sense of direction, they will likely end up in shambles.

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