At 4:32 AM CST, the Taurus Moon sextiles Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. A sextile happens when celestial bodies form a 60˚ angle with one another, separated by two zodiac signs in transit. Their energies work together to make things easier for us, allowing us to bring ideas to life and continue manifesting the reality of our dreams.

The Moon governs our emotions, seeking comfort and security under the influence of the stable zodiac bull, Taurus. Mercury, on the other hand, rules knowledge and communication but is currently retrograde (appearing to move backwards in the sky) under the intuitive empath Pisces. For Mercury, this transit often reveals disagreements between the heart and mind but during this harmonious sextile with the Taurus Moon, they can find common ground.

Thanks to Mercury’s influence, we are more articulate than usual, making it the perfect time to start a conversation in business or in the family. It will be easier to make a good impression on people as Pisces allows us to easily convey our emotions, helping us connect with others. And to top it all off, we will likely be more attentive at this time, meaning we may find words of wisdom hidden in even the most mundane conversations. Remember: the universe is always speaking to us, although it’s usually a whisper.


The Moon goes void of course at 4:32 AM, meaning it has no further aspects under Taurus although it is still transiting through the sign of the bull until reaching Gemini at 10:49 AM. When the Moon is void of course, it has no interactions with other celestial bodies and takes what you might consider an astrological break. During this time, it’s best we rest, as well. If you’re into journaling, this is one of the best times for reflections.

Regardless, don’t start any new projects at this time or make commitments because they are likely to fall through. Tying up loose ends, however, can be a productive use of the Moon’s void of course phase. You can also consider hanging out with family, friends or making a phone call to someone you love.


If you suddenly find yourself filled with so many thoughts you don’t know what to do with them, you can thank the Gemini Moon. Luna enters Gemini at 10:49 AM, drastically picking up the pace from grounded, comfortable Taurus. The air sign Gemini is always fun but can be flighty. Anxious people may consider carrying or wearing hematite or black tourmaline to ground themselves, as this mutable sign is not for the faint of heart.


Whenever the comet Chiron shares an aspect with the Moon, we feel vulnerable. Today, the Gemini Moon and Chiron in Aries form a pleasant sextile at 1:08 PM. Orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, Chiron represents our trauma, bridging past and future to help us heal. Chiron will be transiting through proactive Aries until 2027, changing the way we react and deal with the lemons life throws at us.

Combined with Gemini’s out-of-the-box wit, we may find some creative outlets to release anger, grief, pain and regret today or ways to re-frame chapters of our life based on the larger context we now see. Release anything and anyone that no longer serves you – especially relationships where you give, give, give and receive nothing in return.


Tensions arise under the Gemini Moon sesquisquare Saturn in rulership Capricorn at 5:37 PM. A sesquiquadrate (also known as a sesquisquare or trioctile) happens when celestial bodies are 135˚ apart and usually brings up problems we’ve chosen to ignore. Luckily, these issues aren’t usually big deals but depending on how long we’ve avoided the subject, they may have spawned a bunch of other problems in its wake.

When a planet is in its rulership, it is transiting through the zodiac sign it governs. Each sign has a ruling planet with which it shares attributes. In this case, responsible, success-driven Saturn rules the determined, dependable sea goat. Both Saturn and Capricorn focus on long-term goals.

A lack of organization or chaos in your physical spaces may be causing hardships in other areas of your life. With springtime right around the corner, consider getting a jumpstart on your annual spring cleaning. Tackle problem areas today and tidy up your living quarters. Our physical surroundings and mental wellbeing are reflections of one another.

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