Prideful Sun in Pisces forms a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn at 9:25 AM CST. Use this time to take action towards making your dreams a reality, as the Sun and Pluto’s energies harmonize to grant us incredible personal power. When a sextile occurs, celestial bodies separated by two zodiac signs form a 60˚ angle with one another. This is a positive aspect where energies are capable of working together.

With the effects of the success-driven sea goat Capricorn on underworld-ruling Pluto, we are most likely inclined to use our heightened charisma for business at this time. others will be easily influenced by us. People who are more of the Machiavellian “ends justifies the means” type will find themsselves manipulating others to get what they want. Stay alert for deception.


Give love, find love and be love today as the Gemini Moon forms a trine with Venus in Pisces at 12:59 PM. A trine is a major astrological aspect in which celestial bodies four signs apart form a 120˚ angle. Their energies balance and support one another. Free flying Gemini and dreamy Pisces can help us return to a place of deep, inner, nurturing motherly love.


Also known as an octile, the Gemini Moon and Uranus in Taurus form a semisquare. at 2:48 PM. This is a minor astrological aspect when signs form a 45˚ angle. Unfortunately, during semisquares, trouble often arises. The plant of surprises, Uranus, is influenced by security-seeking Taurus, who rules finances. We may find something not so pleasant out about a recent business investment or purchase. If you’re going to sign papers, make sure you read every word and don’t get yourself mixed into something out of your control. Again, deception is a theme today.


Now, although there’s a risk of deception, don’t let your imagination get the best of you during the Gemini Moon square Neptune at 4:44 PM. A square is a major astrological aspect when celestial bodies three signs apart form a 90˚ angle. This is a notoriously negative aspect which is known to bring about problems. We may hear things incorrectly or misunderstand someone’s body language. Don’t read into things too deeply now. Instead, use this time to work on a task by yourself.


Are you keeping an open mind? This is a good question to ask yourself under the 8:30 PM Pisces Sun square Jupiter in rulership Sagittarius. When a planet is in its rulership, it is transiting through the zodiac sign it governs. Each of the 12 sign has a ruling planet with which it shares characteristics. In this inference, Jupiter, the planet of expanding our horizons and building our kingdom, rules Sagittarius, the zodiac’s centaur aiming his sights high above the ground.

Although you may feel filled with energy, it is hard to concentrate on a single task and see it through. We may find ourselves touching or beginning hundreds of little things, but that won’t get us anywhere productive. You may feel incredibly confident now in yourself and in your dreams. Be careful not to cross the line into cocky when speaking to others.


Our day ends with the most important of the minor astrological aspects: an inconjunction (aka quincunx) between Gemini Moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius. Although challenging, this nuanced aspect is neither positive or negative naturally – it’s all what you make of it. On one hand, we see inspiration everywhere we go and are dreaming bigger than the Sun but unfortunately do not know the first step to getting there and may need a dose of realism to bring us back down to Earth.

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