Tuesday is kicked off with a sesquiquadrate between the Sagittarius waning gibbous Moon and Uranus in Taurus at 6:27 AM CST. Also known as a sesquisquare, the trioctile occurs when celestial bodies are 135˚ apart. Generally, under this minor astrological aspect old, unhealthy patterns reappear and we are confronted by problems we’d rather ignore Although often uncomfortable to approach, continuing to ignore these problems is the biggest trap.

Under the Sagittarian influence, the emotion-ruling Moon encourages us to break free from routines and get social. Uranus, the planet of surprises, is always up for spontaneity but don’t be shocked if you run into someone you’d rather not see at this time. Face the situation head on but don’t do anything you’ll regret.


At 7:03 AM, the Sagittarius Moon squares Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. Celestial bodies form a square when they are 90˚ or three zodiac signs apart. This major astrological aspect is downright nasty and won’t let any of us continue ignoring our problems.

Mercury is already uncomfortable as it transits retrograde through Pisces. When a planet is retrograde, it looks like it’s orbiting backwards from our Earthbound perspective. Articulate Mercury enjoys logic and reasoning while Pisces follows intuition. The two do not understand each other. Rubbing against the social Sagittarius Moon in all the wrong ways, we’ll likely suffer through arguments stemming from misunderstanding under this aspect. Oh and a word of advice: keep your opinion to yourself.


The second square occurs at 8:09 AM between the Sagittarius Moon and Neptune in rulership Pisces, causing something unbelievable to happen. When a planet is in its rulership, it is currently transiting through the zodiac sign it governs or rules. Each sign is paired with a similarly personified planet. In this case, dream-weaving Neptune rules visionary Pisces. Blurring the lines of reality and fantasy, we find ourselves susceptible to deceit and illusion at this time. A close friend may let you down. Worse yet, we may disappoint ourselves.


When the love-ruling planet, Venus, enters reflective Pisces, we find nostalgia tugging at our heart strings. Reminisce with loved ones but don’t get swallowed up by the past. Leave it behind you where it belongs and remind yourself that the people and places have changed and are now completely different than what exists in your memories. Acknowledge and cherish these thoughts as they pop up but don’t let them distract you. Keeping yourself present will be a challenge during this transit.

While this can be an exciting, romantic transit for relationships igniting or reigniting the flame of new love, it’s easy to succumb to the negative influence of Pisces. Don’t get lost in your head or loved ones won’t be able to reach you. Keep others’ feelings in consideration to avoid becoming too self-absorbed.


And finally, a positive aspect to close our day: Sagittarius Moon conjunct ruling planet Jupiter. When celestial bodies are conjunct, they are transiting through the same sign and appear side by side in the sky with no degrees of separation. Their energies work together to accomplish great things, although they are not implicitly good or bad. Expansionist Jupiter and adventurous Sagittarius want us to open our minds and learn from experience. Take a risk. Follow your impulses and do something out of the ordinary.


Astrologically speaking, the day comes to an end at 9:38 PM when the Moon goes void of course which is fitting since most of the effects from this morning’s aspects have dwindled and faded away (most linger for about 12 hours.) When the Moon goes void-of-course, it means it will form no further aspects under the sign it is currently transiting through – Sagittarius, in this case. Tomorrow at 9:09 AM, the Moon will enter disciplined Capricorn.

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