At 9:09 AM CST, the Moon enters focused and determined Capricorn. The zodiac’s sea goat encourages us to evaluate our long-term goals and create strategies for reaching them. Under this sign, we may find it easier to focus on one task at a time and get things. Capricorn Moons also reminds us to set limitations for ourselves in order to accomplish more. Although we can’t get 100 things done in a day, we are certainly capable of accomplishing at least one.

Carry, wear or surround yourself with minerals from the quartz family, such as agate, to clarify, strengthen and stabilize during this transit.


The Capricorn Moon forms a sextile with Venus in Pisces at 11:08 AM, beginning its run of aspects on a positive note. When a sextile occurs, celestial bodies form a 60˚ angle from two zodiac signs apart. This is a major astrological aspect thought to show us a potential we can bring to fruition.

During its transit through visionary Pisces, Venus – the planet of love – calls on us to do some soul searching into the blurry realm where dreams and real life meet. Grounded Capricorn’s influence on the emotion-ruling Moon helps us pull our head out of the clouds to create an actionable plan to realistically get where we want.


We’re in for a good surprise under the Capricorn Moon trine Uranus in Taurus at 11:11 AM. When a trine occurs, celestial bodies form a 120˚ from four zodiac signs apart. This major astrological aspect is another good one which encourages balance and sharpens our problem-solving skills.

Anything can happen during an aspect with Uranus, the planet of surprises. But while it transits through finance-ruling Taurus, we could be seeing green. It could come in the form of a job offer or a check in the mail. But don’t be let down if it isn’t so obvious. Maybe it’s just being able to make time to create a real budget or seeing the fruits of our budgeting efforts start to pay off.


It’s time to get frisky when Venus in Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus at 11:46 AM. This is a great time to bend the rules or surprise a loved one. Maybe this means rediscovering your self-confidence to chat up someone new. Take a chance and make it happen. The planets are on your side!

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