We can help ourselves by helping others today under the 3:03 AM CST Aries Moon conjunct Chiron. When celestial bodies are conjunct, it means they are transiting through the same zodiac sign separated by 0˚, appearing side by side in the sky which allows their energies to mingle and unify.

Aries doesn’t hold grudges. This is a good time to identify what is no longer serving us. Thank these ties before releasing them. The zodiac ram is headstrong and independent, capable of clearing the healing path before us or charging through to make a new one altogether. More than likely, we will be called upon to participate in a project that empowers others today. Take advantage of this opportunity. We are natural healers when it comes to the areas of our life requiring the most work. It’s one of those taste your own medicine situations.

The ram lacks patience and acts impulsively. If someone pushes your buttons at this time, the speed of your wits may astonish you. Obstacles are easily overcome under this aspect and we can make serious progress toward healing past wounds.


Our second and final astrological aspect of the day is the Aries Moon sextile Mars in Gemini at 3:17 AM, giving us a huge boost of energy. When celestial bodies are sextile, they form a 60˚ angle from two zodiac signs apart.

Although Aries and Mars are both action-oriented drivers known to inspire productivity, the influence of Gemini may have our minds pulled in 1,000 different directions. Do your best to focus on one thing at a time and see each task through to completion. Don’t let this energy go to waste! If all else fails, get your body moving by taking a walk or making time for exercise.

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