Representing opportunities for new beginnings and rebirth, the New Moon is the first phase of Luna’s 28-day cycle. Its energy can be felt and harnessed for the next two weeks until April 19 while the Moon is waxing. Now is a great time to break old, bad habits no longer serving us and replace them with good ones. Consequences of our action or inaction and planted intentions will be present until this current Moon cycle comes to an end on May 4, 2019.

This Aries New Moon occurs at 3:51 AM CST on April 5, 2019 and is auspicious when it comes to starting something new since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Take a moment to observe and reflect on your current state. Then, make a commitment to your mental, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing at this time. Change starts within. Since our inner selves are projected onto the world around us, we should all encourage ourselves and others to make a goal of taking better care.

The zodiac Ram is all about confidence, determination and independence. With the Moon, ruler of our emotions, under Aries, we are encouraged to try and learn. Experience is the best teacher. Get out there, be brave and do something new. Break the routine. Jump on constructive impulses and take risks. An adventure would be great for the soul.

Use this New Moon to fall in love with yourself again and enjoy your own company. No pretending or going along with someone else’s ideas. Stand on your own two feet and work on expressing yourself authentically. Focus on getting things done without enlisting the help of others and if things don’t work out, own up to the blame without misplacing it. Be independent, like the Ram. Self-sufficiency is key to a truly happy existence.


Undertaking these fresh starts is going to be challenging under the Aries New Moon square Saturn in rulership Capricorn at 1:02 PM and Pluto at 6:51 PM. These aspects are really going to test our patience and perseverance. But don’t give up! You’ve got to push through them. The rewards for endeavors started under the Aries New Moon will pay off a hundredfold, but you’re going to have to really want and fight for them. Now is not the time to slack off.

For more on the Aries New Moon and a complete planetary forecast, check out the April 5, 2019 Moony Musing.

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