Here to kick off Friday on a positive note is the Aries Moon conjunct Sun at 3:51 AM, forming the New Moon. When celestial bodies are conjunct, it means they are transiting through the same zodiac sign without 0˚ of separation. Generally, the planets will appear side by side in the sky but in this case, the Moon and Sun align almost perfectly, blocking the Sun to give the New Moon its dark, shadowy face.

The energies of conjunct celestial bodies unify and strengthen one another. Moon rules our emotions while Sun symbolizes how we view ourselves. Under Mars-ruled Aries, we are likely to experience more confidence and motivation to actually get off our butts and pursue what we want. Whatever your New Moon ritual may be, make sure you utilize this energy during the next two weeks. It’s a great time to get a headstart on spring cleaning!


Although we think of the New Moon as a time for fresh beginnings and a sense of renewal, we find it difficult to muster up the ambition to start taking steps forward thanks to the 10:10 AM Aries Moon semi-square Mars in Gemini. A semi-square (also known as an octile) occurs when celestial bodies are 45˚ apart and is known to cause trouble.

Aries is straightforward while Gemini finds pleasure in nonsense, causing extra friction between emotion-ruling Moon and planet of action, Mars. Although not as difficult as the major astrological aspect square, this semi-square suggests everything is going to take extra effort today. Looking around, you may find others feeling equally sluggish and uninspired. Pay no attention. Clear your mind and focus on what you need to do. Don’t let this aspect derail you from working toward your New Moon intentions!


Being responsible is really harshing our vibes under the 1:02 PM Aries Moon square Saturn in rulership Capricorn. When a celestial body is in its rulership, it is transiting through the zodiac sign it governs. Each of the 12 zodiac signs has been paired with a ruling planet to which it shares attributes. In this case, success-seeking Saturn rules disciplined Capricorn. But the authoritarian planet forms a square, or 90˚ angle, with the Moon – which, as previously mentioned, is a most troubling aspect known to force us to confront our problems face to face.

The impulsive Ram is at odds with the pragmatic Sea Goat. We may find ourselves happily accepting a last-minute invite for drinks despite originally planning to hit the gym. Negotiate with your stubborn self. Get your exercise in and then meet up for drinks – if you’re feeling up to it. Don’t break old plans for last minute adventures. Responsible, constructive risk taking is totally possible today so find those options.


Avoid drama at all costs under the 6:51 PM Aries Moon square Pluto in Capricorn. Bottled-up emotions will likely explode under this aspect so consider spending some time alone if you’ve got anything pent up. The Aries Moon reminds us to be independent and encourages us to enjoy our own company. Pick up a task that puts you in the zone and avoid ovrthinking at this time, as Pluto can make even the most naive of us suspicious.


Astrologically speaking, the day ends on a high note with the 9:16 PM Aries Moon trine Jupiter in rulership Sagittarius. A trine is a positive major astrological aspect occurring when planets are four signs apart, separated by 120˚. Under this aspect, the lucky planet Jupiter at ease in its rulership inspires us to get back on track by reminding us of the big picture, making it the perfect time to officially set your New Moon intentions if you haven’t already done so. We are more likely to honor ourselves at this time and may be motivated to pick up a new self-care or self-love ritual.

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