Keep a notebook handy today ’cause it’s time to get inspired under the 1:14 AM CST Venus conjunct Neptune in rulership Pisces. A conjunction is a major astrological aspect occurring when celestial bodies appear side by side in the sky with 0˚ of separation. This is generally thought to be a positive aspect because the energies cooperate and meld.

When a planet is in its rulership, it is transiting through the zodiac sign it governs. Each of the 12 signs is paired with a ruling planet with shared characteristics. In this case, boundary-busting Neptune is paired with the ingenious Pisces, influencing intuition and the subconscious.

Working on creative projects today will be incredibly pleasurable and rewarding, thanks to Venus’ influence at this time so make sure you set aside some time to make. Harness inspiration from everything that you see and let your imagination run wild. Break out of the conventional confines and experiment for best results.


Shirking responsibilities will cost you today under the 3:48 AM Aries Sun square Saturn in rulership Capricorn and, more than likely, the pressure of not having important tasks complete is already felt. When a square occurs, celestial bodies form a 90˚ angle, separated by three zodiac signs. This major astrological aspect is generally thought to be negative but it can push us to be our best by staying determined, focused, and patient.

Sun influences the way we carry ourselves. While transiting through Aries, we are likely more excitable and impetuous than usual, causing us to stray from commitments and plans. The good news is this headstrong energy can be redirected towards our needs. Accountable Saturn is transiting through its rulership, disciplined Capricorn, and wants us to think about the future. Give 100% today to elevate long-term outcomes.


Responsibilities are defined or re-defined under the 5:01 AM Gemini Moon quincunx Saturn in rulership Capricorn. When celestial bodies are quincunx or inconjunct, they form a 150˚ angle. This is the most important of the minor aspects although it is incredibly nuanced. Challenges arise under quincunxes but the outcome determining whether or not the aspect was positive or negative is solely dependent upon you.

Our minds race with thousands of thoughts per second thanks to the Gemini Moon, making it hard to focus on the task at hand. Feeling unfulfilled may suggest we are prioritizing things incorrectly, perhaps mistaking what others want from us as our responsibilities. In its rulership, Saturn reminds us that we are responsible for our own happiness and we must take care of our needs to achieve it. Unhappiness can’t be placed on anyone but ourselves.


Head and heart are aligned under the 5:07 AM Gemini Moon sextile Aries Sun. A sextile is a positive major astrological aspect occuring when celestial bodies are two zodiac signs apart, forming a 60˚angle. Under the influence of the Twins, emotion-ruling Moon makes it easier for even the most straight laced of us to loosen up and take ourselves less seriously. Paired with the Ram’s impulsive nature, this sextile sets the stage for a day ripe for fun, productive social interaction.


Can’t get your thoughts straight enough to say exactly what you mean? That’s not surprising under the 9:44 AM Gemini Moon square Mercury in Pisces. Mercury, the planet of knowledge and communication, is utterly baffled under the influence of illogical Pisces while the Gemini Moon pulls our thoughts in several hundred directions a second. Keep conversations light today and be mindful of your words.


Personal issues preventing others from getting close to you will be revealed under the 10:13 AM Gemini Moon quincunx Pluto in Capricorn, although we may not see them ourselves. In the dating world, confusing lust for love continues a cycle of relationships lacking true intimacy. No matter how similar people seem, resist the tendency to compare anyone you meet today to lovd ones from your past.


Jupiter begins its retrograde motion in rulership Sagittarius today at 11:56 AM. When a planet is retrograde, it appears to orbit backward in the sky but it’s just an illusion from our perspective here, on Earth. Every 13 months, Jupiter goes retrograde for about four months, triggering an introspective period for us to resolve issues keeping us from true happiness. Replace bad habits with good ones. On August 11, 2019, Jupiter will station direct or return to its normal appearance orbiting forward in the sky.


Social anxiety may be put at ease under the 12:27 PM Gemini Moon opposes Jupiter Rx in rulership Sagittarius. When celestial bodies are opposite, they are six zodiac signs apart, forming a 180˚ angle. Although often interpreted as a negative astrological aspect due to challenges arising at this time, opposing energies can be balanced and productively channeled for positive change in a person’s life.

We may feel more empathetic and generous at this time but the line between charitable and flaunting your perceived wealth is fine. Don’t let your kindness be your weakness today. Instead, turn your feelings of goodwill toward those closest to you. If anything has been weighing on you, now is a good time to share it. But if anyone gets too up in arms, remind them not to meddle in your affairs. Addictive behavior is triggered under this aspect so watch yourself in check in on loved ones who may be struggling with addiction of any kind.

Use this time to think about the future, challenge personal beliefs and confront anything (or anyone) that’s bothering you.


The Moon goes void of course at 12:27 PM. When the Moon is void of course, it means there are no more astrological aspects under the current zodiac sign it is transiting through. Use this time to relax, reflect and create. But don’t make big, serious decisions at this time. At 10:32 PM, the Moon enters moody Cancer.


Concealed emotions reveal themselves through social interactions at 4:41 PM under the Mercury in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn. Since we’ll be wearing those emotions on our sleeves, it’s best to just own up to them. You may be surprised to find they’re reciprocated or shared with others. Being honest and vulnerable at this time will allow others to connect with you on a deeper level. This is a great time to break bad habits, end unhealthy relationships and regain control of your life.


Uncork that bottle of wine. At 10:32 PM, the Moon enters Cancer, putting us in touch with our emotions and insecurities. Dreams may reveal ignored, unhealed wounds tonight and this pain can propel us to make great art. Wearing pearls will help you get in touch with your feelings as well as the Crab’s introspective vibes.

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