Pay attention to your dreams and jot them down first thing in the morning. Dreams are the language of Neptune, the planet ruling the spiritual realm, whose energy is bolstered thanks through its current position transiting through its rulership, Pisces, as it forms a sextile with the Cancer Moon at 1:50 AM.

When a planet is in its rulership, it is currently orbiting through the zodiac sign it governs. Each of the 12 zodiac signs is paired with a ruling planet with shared characteristics. Think of the planets as actors in a play while the zodiac signs represent the spirit influencing each of them. In this case, mystical Neptune rules the artistic genius Fish.

A sextile is a major astrological aspect occurring when celestial bodies form a 60˚ angle, transiting two zodiac signs apart. During this aspect, the energies of Neptune and the Moon will work together to bring light to one of many potentials.

Today is a great day for brainstorming and problem solving, as Cancer’s introspective influence over the emotion-ruling Moon has us overthinking. Put the energy to good use by making plans or getting organized while thoughts organically pop up. Paired with visionary Neptune currently bolstered by the intuitive Pisces, we are likely to come up with some crazy ideas. Don’t let these distract you from your daily responsibilities and tasks you have to get done. Keep a notebook handy to jot them down to release them for later. Although Neptune is a master at deception, don’t ignore the wild horizons your imagination explores out today. Ignore them and you will forget them, so simply dismiss them by writing out before they derail your entire day. In conversation, be careful not to overexaggerate at this time.


When a nostalgic memory crosses your mind, remember that it’s but a fragment of the past and move on as the 3:50 AM Cancer Moon squares the comet Chiron in Aries. The Ram’s influence on dualistic Chiron pushes us to take action to heal – but the only productive means is by moving forward, not looking back. So don’t waste precious energy today calling someone who hurt you to tell them you forgive them. Muster up your pain, love and forgiveness and turn it into something new – art, music, some form of self-expression. This authenticity will be felt and shared by all who stumble upon it.

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