Think big as the Cancer Moon trines Neptune in rulership Pisces at 5:15 AM CST. A trine is a major astrological aspect occurring when celestial bodies form a 120˚ angle from four zodiac signs apart. Thought of as a positive aspect, the trine balances the energies involved.

When a planet is in its rulership, it is currently transiting through the zodiac sign it governs. All 12 signs are paired with a planet sharing similar characteristics. The planets are like actors on a cosmic stage while the zodiac signs are their life essence. In this case, dream-ruling Neptune is right at home in intuitive Pisces.

Our thoughts may be out of this world thanks to the imaginative influence of Neptune in Pisces and entrepreneurs may experience a surge of innovation. Under the influence of introspective Cancer (and Jupiter Retrograde), the emotion-ruling Moon has us paying careful attention to any ideas crossing our mind. Keep a notebook handy or a note in your smartphone for brain dumping. You can analyze and take action later. For now, just get it out of your head as the day proceeds..


Insecurities make themselves known under the 8:13 AM Mars in Gemini sesquiquadrate Pluto in Capricorn. Also known as a sesquisquare or trioctile, the sesquiquadrate is a minor astrological aspect occurring when celestial bodies form a 135˚ angle. Thought of as a negative aspect, the sesquiquadrate is known to cause annoyances that are easily ignored. But that’s the trap!

A problem may arise that’s been ignored hundreds of times already in an irritating pattern. It could be something as benign as a squeaky door or potentially hazardous, like a knocking sound when you turn the steering wheel driving home from work. Now is the time to break the cycle.

It’s normal to feel unsatisfied at this time. Pluto, ruler of the underworld, is forced to take on a long-term perspective under Capricorn’s influence, probing our hearts and minds to figure out exactly what they desire. Defeatist tendencies may flare up, leading to defensiveness in conversation. Mars wants us to take action but under the influence of scatterbrained Gemini, figuring out where to start may be the biggest obstacle yet.

Break the cycle of self-doubt and just begin without putting too much thought in front of the action. You may be surprised to discover what becomes of it.


Empathy surrounds us under the 10:06 AM Cancer Moon trine Venus in Pisces. Accept your emotions and be honest with those around you about what you’re feeling. Face-to-face conversations are replenishing to those who open up to vulnerability at this time and we effortlessly connect (or reconnect) with others on deeper levels.


Determine what work needs to be done internally as the Cancer Moon opposes Saturn in rulership Capricorn at 10:06 AM. An opposition is a major astrological aspect occurring when celestial bodies are six zodiac signs apart, forming a 180˚ angle. Oppositions are nuanced and can be used for creation or destruction. Challenges forcing us to adapt are generally thrown at us during this time.

Long-term planners Saturn and Capricorn want us to succeed, but it takes tremendous discipline to get there. And to achieve this discipline, we must objectively look at ourselves in our current situation. We’ve been lost in our thoughts thanks to the Cancer Moon, which undoubtedly has turned up unhappiness. Dig until you find the root and kill it. Replace bad habits with good ones and ask yourself, “If not now, when? “


Light is shed on matters of the heart under the 10:09 AM Venus in Pisces sextile Saturn in rulership Capricorn. A sextile is a major astrological aspect occurring when celestial bodies are two zodiac signs apart, forming a 60˚ angle. This is a positive aspect great for turning potential into performance.

Matters of affection can be viewed with an objective lens at this time, allowing us to make decisions we have previously put off from a place of maturity and security. Romance is neutered by reality at this time under Saturn and Capricorn, allowing us to get to the bottom of any unresolved issues to make growing room. Foster your relationships by reaching out. It’s wise to accept advice from Elders at this time.


Heart and mind are unaligned under the 2:06 PM Cancer Moon square Aries Sun. A square is a major astrological aspect occurring when celestial bodies form a right angle from three zodiac signs apart. Thought of as a negative aspect, tensions manifest themselves into tangible problems. But with a little brainpower and effort, this problem can be overcome, allowing us to use the aspect for good.

What we want may not be what we need. We may find we’ve been working towards an intangible goal or find ourselves totally unproductive, despite our best efforts. Aries’ influence is action-oriented, but it’s important not to keep ramming ourselves into walls over and over. Analyze your track record and chart a new course to get where you want to go.


Self-control is important under when the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn at 3:01 PM. Emotions are intense under this aspect, which could cause us to react poorly and lash out at those around us. Mood swings are to be expected. We may feel engulfed by the darkest areas of our heart and mind, whether it be unhealed wounds, self-loathing, fear, jealousy, et cetera. Get the feelings out. Shed light on the darkness by sharing these thoughts with someone, writing them out or turning them into art.


Motivation is nowhere to be found under the 3:21 PM Cancer Moon semisquare Mars in Gemini. Also known as an octile, a semisquare is a minor astrological aspect occurring when celestial bodies form a 45˚ angle. You can remember this because it is half of a square. New tensions may present themselves at this time.

Apathy is a natural emotion tied to this aspect, but don’t give up. At this time, starting a task is the most difficult part but once you get the ball rolling, things will run smoothly. You may find the people around you unwilling to work. Don’t let them discourage you. Get going on your tasks at hand and you may just find yourself inspiring them to begin.


Identify areas where you need to impose limits under the Cancer Moon quincunx Jupiter Retrograde in rulership Sagittarius at 5:08 PM. Perhaps better known as inconjunct, the quincunx is a minor astrological aspect occurring when celestial bodies of different elements and modalities form a 150˚ angle with one another. Their energies are incapable of communicating with one another, pointing out areas in our life where we need to focus on educating ourselves.

It’s time to reflect on our failures and successes in the recent past to determine where we need to channel our focus for the time being. Although it can be tempting to feed our dissatisfaction with a change in scenery, starting something new or consulting someone else, the answers we’re currently seeking can only be found within.


Expressing ourselves is easier than usual under the 6:33 PM Cancer Moon trine Mercury in Pisces. The odd tensions between logical Mercury and intuitive Pisces form a beautiful disaster at this time. We may find ourselves thinking in images rather than words, allowing us to more seriously connect with others through music, film and art. Whip out a favorite movie line or allow yourself to be drawn in by a book. As the Moon prepares to go void of course, take some time to reconnect with yourself by indulging in an enjoyable experience.


Luna goes void of course at 6:33 PM. When the Moon is void of course, it experiences no more aspects transiting through its current sign. This is a time for reflection and relaxation, not taking action. We should all rest with the Moon. Save making decisions or starting new work until tomorrow, when the Moon enters Leo at 2:51 AM.

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