The day starts with the Gemini Moon quincunx Mercury in Capricorn at 6:20 AM. A quincunx occurs when two celestial bodies are separated by five signs or 150°, representing unbalance between the two. In this case, our emotions are represented by the restless Gemini moon while our ability to communicate, reflected by Mercury, is in stubborn Capricorn. There are likely a million thoughts running through our head along with the feeling that we don’t know where to begin. Good news is you’re already well on your way when it comes to the themes that held our attention during the Capricorn New Moon.Resist the urge to overanalyze today and do your best to go with the flow.


Everyone makes mistakes, especially in love. Let go of the past to make room for the best possible future. Our heartstrings may ache as the Gemini Moon and Pluto in Capricorn quincunx at 7:11 AM wakes us up to the realization we have mistakenly identified “love” in places that lack true intimacy. This pertains to more than just romance. Recognize the not-so-good habits preventing you from connecting with yourself and others, then make it harder for yourself to keep tripping over or falling into them today. Baby steps are better than nothing. Negotiate with yourself today to do what’s best for you. Release control where there is too much and enforce it where there is too little.


Sparks fly as Venus, the goddess of love currently stationed in straightforward Sagittarius, forms a trine with the god of war, Mars, comfortably stationed in its Aries rulership at 10:50 AM. A trine is one of the major astrological aspects, denoting when two celestial bodies are within 120° of each other. Regarded as a positive aspect, the two planets’ energy will combine to benefit us in some way, shape or form.

Venus isn’t just the planet of love and beauty. She’s an equalizer, making sure all is fair in business as well as our relationships. Mars, on the other hand, is the strong go-getter thought to rule impulses and sexuality. Harmonious aspects between these two planets are always magically potent and the combination of fire signs Aries and Sagittarius are sure to keep our inner flames burning bright.

Go after what you want today. This aspect – Venus trine Mars – gives us a natural motivational boost and a healthy dose of enthusiasm thanks to Mars and the ability to make a realistic, actionable plan that will bring about tangible results thanks to Venus. Perhaps today the head and the heart will finally work in tandem.


Despite the lusty aspects the Venus-Mars trine, this aspect can have effects on various areas in our life – not just the bedroom. But when you combine the powerful trine with the force of a Mercury-Pluto conjunction in tenacious Capricorn at 2:01 PM, a romantic impact is almost guaranteed. A conjunction occurs when two solar transiting bodies inhabit the same sign. In this case, it’s the conservative Earth sign Capricorn.

Mercury, the planet of communication, wants us to focus on long-term goals while in Capricorn. We may see themes of frugality and practicality arise at this time. Be cautious not to over commit yourself and don’t be afraid to say, “No.” Clarity is key with yourself and those around you so always say what you mean and if a miscommunications occur, fix it immediately.

But things aren’t so straightforward with Pluto, the planet of change, in the mix. Pluto encourages us to dig deeper to find the truth. And sometimes, the truth is quite ugly. It is important to harness Mercury’s articulate energy so we can share these truths with our loved ones today as directly as possible – especially if it’s something you fear they don’t want to hear.

Hopefully, this powerful astral combination will bring about solutions to problems we have been burying for some time. But don’t be surprised if our eyes are opened to deceit today. If there’s something you’ve been hiding, now is the time to come clean. Capricorn is a hard-working sign. Whatever this aspect reveals to us today, it’s going to impact us in the long term and will likely require solid effort through realistic planning and boundary setting. Be deeply honest with yourself at this time and reclaim your power from wherever you’ve placed it.


Feeding off of the Mars-Venus trine’s motivating cosmic forces, we will want to explore and learn as the Capricorn sun sextiles retrograde Chiron in Pisces 6:57 PM. When two celestial bodies are two signs or 60° apart they form a sextile, a positive astrological aspect thought to present opportunities. Although you may be familiar with the Solar System, you may not be familiar with Chiron. This minor planet named after a centaur orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Dual in nature, it is thought to symbolize both the trauma we carry along with our healing journey.

Be yourself today and speak frankly and openly with others. Your authenticity will be greatly appreciated. Even the most critical, self-loathing of us are able to see what others love about us at this point in time. And because we are holding ourselves in a place of respect and high regard, others will do the same. Break free from your shell and make new friends.


Following in the footsteps of this morning’s quincunxes, the Capricorn Sun squares Uranus in Aries at 7:31 PM. Squares are a major transitional aspect in astrology when two celestial bodies are separated by 90° or three signs, representing a war of sorts between them. Mediation is the only resolution. Unusual Uranus promises the unexpected while the sun symbolizes ego, moral compass and sense of purpose.

Do whatever it takes to ease your nerves. If you don’t, your behavior may be erratic and irrational. Pay attention to the outbursts of others. They can be quite revealing. With our ego strengthened by the Chiron-sun sextile, we may borderline feeling cocky. Letting this get the best of you could result in petty arguments, which will only lead to negative consequences. Stay flexible with your plans at this time and embrace change.

Combined with the moon-Pluto quincunx, this aspect can help us break free from old, unfulfilling habits.


Just as the Capricorn Sun squares Uranus, the Gemini Moon forms a square with Chiron, retrograde in Pisces. Our emotional state may be in crisis thanks to the combination of these two squares. Don’t bottle it up! We may feel awkward expressing our needs but hollow responses such as, “I’m fine,” will be plain for everyone to see and regarded as a sign of weakness. Be strong and stand up for yourself. But find the balance not to turn into a blubbering mess spilling your guts to anyone who will listen. Although the word vomit may feel good at first, shame may set in after – and you won’t be able to take back what is said.


Playing off the energy of the Sun-Chiron sextile, the moon goes void of course and sextiles Uranus in Aries at 7:34 PM. Accepting change has been a theme today and even the most stubborn of us may finally open up to the idea. Excitement is likely to insue wherever we find ourselves at this time, whether it’s a conversation or a dramatic turn of events. This is a good time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. With heightened intuition, plenty of red flags will appear before the universe lets you make a huge mistake. Uranus is likely to reveal important information to us tonight in whatever format is appropriate. Once again, this aspect is helpful in stopping our negative habitual cycles.


As it harmonizes with Uranus, the void-of-course moon forms a quincunx with the sun at 7:34 PM. Harboured guilt caused by uncertainty in our choices may cause us to spend too much of our time worrying about pleasing others but never ourselves. Our heart and our brain may once again be at odds due to this lack of surety. Remaining in this powerless state where we are incapable of integrating our emotional and mental needs will result in dissatisfaction over and over again. In order to feel whole and prevent self-sabotage, it is time to prioritize your needs. Balance must be established between your sense of independence and intimacy.


The moon is void of course from 7:34 PM to 9:45 PM when it enters its rulership, comfortable Cancer. This water sign favors reclusive activities and introspection which will bring about much-needed rest and relaxation after the moon’s time spent in antsy Gemini. Under the Cancer moon, our feelings flow freely and we are more capable than ever of getting back in touch with ourselves – an essential activity after tonight’s moon-sun quincunx. Open up your schedule to spend time with family and use any free time you may have to tend to your home. Now is a great time to redecorate.

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